Crawling is a major milestone achieved by the baby. But this is the period babies are subject to all sorts of trauma and dangers. Keeping baby safe during crawling means to keep away all potentially dangerous objects away from the baby’s grasp. Extra care should be taken not to trip on your baby.

Many parents do enroll and participate in the “baby sensory crawl obstacle course” that is suitable for new or yet to be parents. It is of help and great for when a baby is crawling around indoors or outside.

Be alert as baby starts to crawl:

  1. Get down on to your baby’s level and watch for any potential object that can pose a threat to the baby as the baby is prone to pull certain objects.
  2. Covering all the electrical outlets that are within the reach of a crawling child is very much important. There are a variety of covers that can serve the purpose.
  3. Latch all the cabinets of every drawer and be on the safe side. Store all the toxic chemicals on high shelf or cabinets that are away from the child’s reach.
  4. Limit the access of the child to certain areas of the house. Stairs are very dangerous as the child starts crawling. Secure it with a wall mounted the gate to prevent any dangers happening.
  5. Remove all the temporary dangers like the buckets, portable heaters, scissors, cleaning products. Remove it after each use or when an adult is not around to supervise.

Baby proof the house even before the little one is yet to arrive take every room one by one and secure it in the most reliable way possible. Disciplining the child along with baby proofing can make crawling for you and your child a lovely experience.