Lighting up the home is important business, as it sets the tone of the house. Gone are the days when one needed to choose blurry conventional lights and bulbs. With LED lights in the market, lighting up your home can as innovative as your imagination.

These lights consume far less electricity, so you need not worry about more lights. Besides, the lights are far brighter and have a clean effect. This can be used in a futuristic style or even use the LED lights to get a warm homely feel. To add to the fun, there are also some great LED strips that can fit into the smallest possible corner and highlight it like never before.

You can get some LED Grow Light reviews that might help you choose. Here are some simple and best places to place your LED lights.

Stairs: Using the staircase at night or in poor light can be a nightmare, simply install small LED lights at each end or have a LED strip border each step. It will look great and also be extremely useful.

Mirrors: Your vanity mirror need not look like that of an ancient movie star. Get the right highlighting by simply having an LED strip around the mirror. It does the job along with looking really great.

Around a dull window: If you have a boring window with not much of a view, why not light up the window itself? It gives an amazing futuristic look and even takes the attention off the poor view.

Behind picture frames: Give your family picture that element of fun! There are some great LED picture frames available or you can even add an LED strip and add light to it.

Drawers and Shelves: It is common for junk drawer and shelves to be a spot where nothing is found. All such places could greatly benefit with some extra lights.