Real Photos with No Alteration!


Photoshop has gained much popularity just like photography. We all know what a Photoshop is! Its software used to alter photos or actually modify the images.

We see the models in the magazine, celebrities on the books, without any faults on their skin, without any flab on the sides, where in reality they do have all malfunctions that have been hidden. Where did all that go? Miracle overnight? Well, that was the perception of the public in the earlier years, now we know what it is, Photoshop’s miracle.

Photoshop Truth Busted!

Photoshop is a powerful tool which can manipulate the photos as per the requirement of the user. It can make a face, clear and bright, while the reality is the opposite. You can create an image that never exists, whit a small existing image, by Photoshop.

That’s the sad fate of certain photographs, where the photos are morphed to get a required output. Photography without Photoshop in today’s scenario is like a person without limbs and hands, Handicapped totally. But we see Photoshop as a tool which is more of destructively used than for genuine reasons.

We see people morphing the images, using the software and present to the competitions, sometimes the real talent becomes obsolete in front of such morphs. Why do you need to do? Why can’t the real beauty be expressed? Why creating something which never exists, for just a competition?

Photography has evolved with too much of technology advancements and you have the best cameras to capture the real beauty, why still running behind the unreal? We as a genuine photographer, find it really difficult to accept the software, which has been replacing the essence of photography. Morphing only in a real genuine scenario is acceptable, like while teaching a kid about nature, to explain the past and present you can use Photoshop, not while submitting to the competition.