Organize Your Kitchen In 3 Easy Steps

Keeping the kitchen clean at all times is definitely not an easy task. The time it affects you the most is when you take on a bg cooking project and spend most of your time looking around for things and ensuring everything is clean. Not to forget the after cooking cleaning process. All this is sure to drain you out and regret taking up this cooking project in the first place.

In order to avoid such stressful cooking situations, get your kitchen clean and organized. This will help you know what is where at all times and you won’t be spending much time hunting for the items.

Here are 3 easy steps to organize your kitchen better:


Stacking them up in size order may look very pleasing to the eye and make your kitchen look like a professional chef’s. But in reality, you are not going to use them in that order and half the time most of them will go untouched. Hence when you cook, you will be spending time reaching out for the pot at the bottom or the pan at the back.

Arrange your utensils based on frequency of use. If you have the more used utensils in from or at reach, you can grab them immediately out of reflex and never have to waste time again.


Putting a tissue away in a draw may seem hygienic but how many times are you going to pull out that draw with your soiled hands to use a tissue? Use a hygienic wall mounted tissue dispenser. This reduces the mess and tissue is at a safe and reachable distance.

Cleansing Agents

Get all the regularly used cleaning agents in one palce. When we pull out soaps and liquids, we tend to have a little spill here and there. When all this is contained within a draw or under the sink, the rest of the kitchen will look neat. No matter how easy it is to have them at hand’s reach, store them out of eyesight. If needed store a little in a small dispenser and keep refilling it frequently.