The best ways to cope with ‘moving blues’

Are you dreading the biggest event of your life – moving to a new house? Studies have shown that this can be one of the most stressful and emotional times in your life. We get so attached to places we live in and having to change everything about your beloved home and the actual home itself can be almost heart-breaking. Here are some of the tips how to handle such a big change in your life and look forward to making new memories in a new place. 

  • Investigate the new area thoroughly. Look at your neighbouring houses, research if there are any shopping centres, big supermarkets, bar, clubs etc. that will make you extremely excited about exploring the new environment. What if from now on you live five minutes away from your favourite chain café. Would make your life quite enjoyable, wouldn’t it?
  • Hire professionals. Nobody likes packing and leaving boxes around the house for weeks. If you can afford it, hire a reliable moving company. I recently moved to Chicago, so you can hire great Chicago movers here if you are moving to the area. Having movers do all the work for you will take away all the stress and it will be definitely worth it.
  • Don’t rush and give priority to your emotional needs. If moving wasn’t your idea but you are obliged to then you are bound to be sad about leaving. Don’t be afraid to experience what you are feeling. Step aside and feel your emotions and accept them. It will lead to a happier emotional state faster than if you ignore it.
  • Surround yourself with a support system. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your closest people. That is what friends and family are for. This could mean just someone to listen to and it will make the biggest difference for your emotional state.