The Different Types Of Cleaning Mops


Your floor can be cleaned in a number of ways. It is, however, essential that you invest in the top cleaning mopsfor the particular type of surface that you have. There are a number of mops available in the market;however, it is essential that you choose the best one for the finest quality and durability of the mop.

Flat mops

This is one of the most popular mops. It has a flat head and comes with a disposable or a reusable pad attachment. These mops are used for regular daily cleaning of the floors. They are easy and comfortable to use and do not need a lot of set up. These are good to clean corners but to scrub the dirt without pretreatment can be difficult with this variety of mop. They are cheaper than the other varieties. It is machine washable and the handle that is attached rotates 360 degrees.

Sponge mops

Sponge mops are another popular variety. It contains a mop head made of sponge and has an attached wringer. They also have a removable head that allows wringing easy. It also allows easy replacement. The mop is best used to clean the uneven surfaces. It is important that these mops be maintained well because it can lead to spreading of bacteria. It is also essential that one placesthe mop upright to completely dry it.

String dust mops

These are used to clean the light fixtures and for cleaning ceilings. They can be also used to clean the walls andthe floors. They have a long handle that allows one to reach the mop to the ceiling fans andthecobwebs. Themop is made of a variety of materials such as lamb wool and synthetic material.The mop is used for dry cleaning and they are eitherreusable or disposable.