Top Car Alarm companies in 2018

Car alarm systems are as important as keeping your car healthy and safe. It is not the car on its own but all the audio systems inside, the accessories and lighting, the seating, etc. You have to keep everything inside your car and outside your car safe. Car owners like to select the best car alarm systems for their car for all the good reasons. When there are car alarms that have old features, the top car alarm companies come out with products that have better and enhanced features. Hence, it is necessary to check out the top car alarm companies.

  1. Prestige APS997E – This car alarm company is one of the cheapest available in the market in terms of price and customers reviews also. Manufacturers make two main types of alarms – active and passive. One of the most amazing features on this specific Prestige car alarm model is that you can select to keep it active or passive. The controls include hazards, headlights and dome lights as well. You can also program several timers at different times and it runs almost 5 timers at once. However, the remote lighting is not so good making it almost impossible to see in the nights if there are no lights around. So, it is time the makers of this car alarm company think of the basic requirements of customers like remote lights prior to going to advancements!

  1. Code Alarm CA6554 – This is one of the few car companies that manufacturers code alarms that will work for more than one vehicle at a time. Enhanced features includes a programmable timer for starting your car every day at the same time. Some car alarm models from the same company can even maintain a track record of the parking meter time. Using only one control, the car owner may control more than one car or vehicle. The car owners have to purchase separate components for the second vehicle. However, overall it is cheaper than buying two separate car alarm systems for two cars. For the company reputation, the car alarm does not use an encrypted pass code and has only access to impact sensors to alert you.

  1. Avital 310LX – Avital is one of the first and oldest car alarm system companies. They have sold their car products in the automotive market from a very long time. The company has manufactured one of the first car safety products available for car owners. With top security features like Zone – II impact sensors and fault – proof interrupter starter and long distance bi – directional remote controls & panic button feature, the company stands at top especially with this model. The first function sends different alarm sounds with various impact levels. The second does not allow the thief to hot – wire the engine. Even though there are many customers that are happy with the car safety products, the company’s reputation could be harmed as there are more than just a few negative reviews too. Car alarms are also reviewed at one of the top sites which is .

  1. Viper 5706V – Viper is one of the top brands available in the market. The company has made popular car alarm systems customers are happy to use. One of the best is this specific model that has enhanced module called SmartStart that can be merged with the car owner’s smartphone. Once done, they can perform enhanced functions like tracking the cars location, etc. The LC 3 responder remote technology works for one mile distances and has anther great feature with two – way communication of car alarm and the car owner. The car owner is not authorized to install the car alarm system. He can do it but the warranty gets voided. The makers must improve the several sensors that starts off false alarms!